Energy or chi energy power (Feng Shui tips).
         Maglev world that affects all the elements. Can react chemically in the body, which was buried in the cemetery. Based on the format or the appropriate way. The direction Is regarded as a model of natural and energy mix. As well as five elemental powers Level of magnetic field In the right position with stars such as Sunday or Monday, Thursday would be a good chi can be compared to DNA. Passed to the descendants of the dead. This power can not be perceived by the five senses. Is invisible Comparable to wind energy, thermal energy. Energy waves We know that there are unseen, but when you believe in these things. If you believe in the power of Qi Feng Shui as well.
         If you understand this, It's enough to understand that she is in the wind, but drowned in the water.
         Then Feng Shui home about us. This person is called Feng Shui. We live at a home that receives energy from the stars. Energy Earth's magnetic field Powerful elements The strength in the US Mix well If the model is correct and has a masters degree specified. Have a positive impact on those who live in that place.
        However, Blue Earth's core consists of the following.
       1. The sky is the date of birth. The time of birth of the person. People born on the same month last year, but at different times. Way of life are different.
       2. Soil is a living house, including the land we own. If accuracy was good for the people who live in the house.
       3. The act is a mental Whikrrm and check him do good or to do evil deeds. Good idea or bad idea Say, good or hurting others. You have to change yourself. I adhere to the Buddhist religion is good, of course.
       *** If you have good feng shui. But scandal It's no use ... ***
       Deeds, I would like to dedicate assets to professor rank. Finance professor Chinda Wan professor with the singles competition simulate it.